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How Well is your Contraceptive Treating You?

Have you ever wondered what the pill might be doing to your body? As a Naturopath I see many women placed on contraceptives, often in the early days not even for contraception. Whether it has been to “regulate” a cycle (give you a false period to make you believe it is regular), help with your

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I want to talk to you about your anxiety

Did you that a huge majority of women suffer from it? You might feel like you are 1 in 100 with the anxiety, the social anxiety, the fear of crowds, palpitations even when you are at home and so on. I want women out there to be aware that they are not alone. It’s still

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Stress and your hormones

Have you ever stopped and wondered what this rollercoaster lifestyle is doing to us? When I talk to women in clinic about their stress levels and how they are coping many women tell me they are “fine”. As we delve deeper into their health it becomes clear to me that there is no way that

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The real benefits of self care

Ok, so we have all heard about the latest buzz word- SELF CARE. I bet many of you think, ok so that sounds lovely but when have I got time for self care? With busy lives, work, family commitments and the pressures of the modern life most women haven’t even thought about self care. Many women

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