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The Missing Piece in Hormone Balancing- Wednesday 30th May, 6pm

We are all striving for a greater sense of balance, vitality, and power from the inside out.

Join us for The Missing Piece in Hormone Balancing ==> How balancing and working with your hormones can give you inner goddess super powers. [yes please!!]

with Jacqui Watts of Healthful Women’s Wellness Clinic.


Are you ready to get in-depth with your hormones?

Have you made the diet changes, started exercising but still finding you are having painful periods, feeling hormonal and cant shift weight?

Jacqui Watts- Naturopath and owner at Healthful Women’s Wellness Clinic is going to explore a whole other side to the puzzle that will bring clarity and motivation to make small changes to enhance your hormone health. With over 12 years in clinical practice, Jacqui has seen hundreds of women with hormone complaints. With a passion for education and empowering women, you don’t want to miss this informative event. 

Jacqui has found there is often a huge component of our health left behind. Come along and get clarity on how to work with your hormones to your advantage in your business/ career and home life. Working with your hormones not against them can make the month flow easier and more productive.

Come away with actionable ideas to implement straight away

This is a 2-hour event, with time for discussion and questions. 

Herbal teas and snacks provided.

Limited seats available so get in before it sells out.

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Start taking action on improving your health and hormones with our Wellbeing Package. 

A great kick start for general health or to focus deeper on specific health issues.

What is included:
~Initial Consultation with Jacqui Watts 1.5 hrs
~Food Reboot Consultation with Lucie Schrapel 60mins

Hatha Yoga Class with Shawna
$20 OFF any Supplements purchased at the Initial Consultation

ONLY $250
SAVE $70 

Our founder and Naturopath: Jacqui Watts 

With over 10 years clinical experience Jacqui our Naturopath has a passion for treating all things hormones. Helping women find a balance between food and lifestyle changes to assist with symptoms such as PMS, period pain, hormonal headaches, mood changes, menopause and much more.

Our Nutritionist: Lucie Schrapel: 

Lucie is our resident Nutritionist and all-round food guru. With a degree under her belt and years of personal experience with her own food traumas, Lucie is passionate about helping women to understand their bodies and emotions when it comes to food choices.

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You can find us at 44 Wheatland St, Seacliff for all your health needs.

Tibetan Singing Bowl meditation at Healthful Women’s Wellness Clinic.

Sunday 20th May 2018 | 10am – 11am

Come and experience an hour of the deeply relaxing and healing sounds of the Tibetan Singing Bowls.

The sound vibrations emitted by the Tibetan singing bowls are rich in natural harmonics, which are the healing component of music, triggering alertness, concentration and deep relaxation, which assists one entering into meditation.
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Want to feel revitalised, energetic and balanced? Come and check out what we have on offer.