Have we got the team for YOU! 

We have it all here in one Fabulous location in Seacliff. We believe your ideal health comes from addressing all aspects- mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. With a wholistic complementary approach you can chose what feels right for you. 

We love women’s health and  want to see all women feel strong, healthy and be bursting with vitality. 

Healthful Practitoners

Jacqui Watts
Hormone Balancing Naturopath/ Owner

Jacqui has a passion for educating her clients as to the underlying causes of their symptoms. Empowering women in the WHY they are changing their diet and lifestyle is important for sustainable change. Jacqui has been helping women in clinic with their hormones for the past 12 years. 

She has a strong interest in saliva testing of hormones and helping women with improving their vitality and understanding of their body. Jacqui treats a variety of women’s health conditions including PMS, period pain, hormonal headaches, fatigue, stress and anxiety, endometriosis, menopausal symptoms and digestive complaints. 

You can call Jacqui on 0421 935 636 or book online 
Or head over and read more about Jacqui and what she has to offer

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Healthful Therapists

At Healthful we are lucky enough to have a range of therapists from different businesses practicing under one roof. The Therapists below have been approved to enhance your health and wellbeing

Shawna Barber from Sacred Centre
Breathwork Facilitator, Yoga Teacher

Shawna is here to help facilitate your inner self. Guidance towards personal healing through breathwork. 

Shawna offers a way to reconnect with self and heal from within. She will be offering Hatha Yoga classes Saturday mornings at 8am. Shawna will also be running her signature Open and Connect Workshops . For dates and bookings head to her Facebook page

To book a yoga class head here. 

For more info check out her website 

Krystie Lapia – Ocea Skin Body Beauty 

Facials, waxing, lash extensions, relaxation massage, wraps and more. 

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays 

You can learn more about what Krystie has to offer here 

Jane Burke 


Jane will be offering Herbal Medicine Consultations at Healthful monthly on a Wednesday. Please contact Jane direct to make a booking on 0435 894 806
Follow her on Facebook 

Michelle Skurray

Counselling, transformational coach, psychotherapist and trainer

Michelle’s interpersonal communication skills have been developed over many years of her career. Michelle is at ease communicating with all ages and levels of society. Having done so in her capacity as a group/team leader, mentor, coach, counsellor and teacher/lecturer.

Michelle provides coaching & mentoring for emotional and behavioural well-being, spirituality and self-care. Special interest and experienced in: grief and loss, recovery from trauma and abuse, depression, anxiety, addictions, anger, self esteem, identity, pre-marriage, marriage/relationship, post abortion grief and miscarriage. You will experience an integrative approach, tailoring sessions to meet your individual needs.

Michelle will be consulting every Tuesday 9 am – 1 pm. You can find out more about Michelle here

Georgie Maddox- from Visual Art Therapy
Art Therapist

Georgie Maddox is a Art Therapist helping women to discover themselves through expressive art. Georgie will be practising on Fridays

Georgie is a support for all women, helping them to understand underlying triggers and emotions that may be driving issues of their health. 

You can learn more about what Georgie has to offer here 

Want to feel revitalised, energetic and balanced? Come and check out what we have on offer.