Jacqui Watts- Naturopath

Want to know more about our Naturopath Jacqui Watts? Here is the ins and outs all about what
she has to offer.

Ok so what even is a Naturopath?

A Naturopath looks at every person individually. Each set of symptoms can tell Jacqui a different story about what the body  is trying to tell her. After over 10 years in clinical practice she has seen a wide variety of conditions. As a Naturopath Jacqui looks at the body in a wholistic approach, as she believes all symptoms are there to reach out and tell the body to stop and listen . 

What types of complaints does Jacqui treat? 

Thyroid, Hashimotos, Grave’s and underactive thyroid disorders
  • PMS, Irregular cycles, PCOS
  • Period pain, pelvic pain, heavy periods, endometriosis, fibroids
  • General women’s health and wellbeing, including fatigue, digestion and skin health
  • Fertility, infertility and pregnancy and breastfeeding support
  • Menopause, perimenopausal changes

How is a seeing Jacqui as my Naturopath different from seeing my Dr or a specialist?

With Jacquis’ decade in clinic she has a great deal of awareness. If blood results are showing as “normal” and there is nothing that can be found medically she is aware that as a woman we know when we don’t feel right, and when something is wrong. Jacqui allows women to trust that instinct and become to be aware and understanding of what is really going on. There is an array of underlying causes that may be missed by your local GP due to their time restraints, where as Jacqui allows an Initial 1 hour Investigation Consultation to ensure she has a true understanding of a clients history and health concerns. 

What length of study has Jacqui completed?

Advanced Diploma in Western Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy- a 3 year Diploma
Certificate 3 in Remedial Massage
Health Masters Thyroid Masterclass
Hundreds of ongoing hours of research, seminars, podcasts, studies, reading!! 

About Jacqui.

Jacqui’s passion for womens health came through her own struggles as a teenager suffering period pain, anxiety in later years with the shift to motherhood and thyroid issues. When Jacqui first started in her own practice over 11 years ago now she saw a range of health concerns, but as the years went on she saw a huge shift in working mums’, stay at home mums’ as well as retired woman whom were searching for a shift in their health. 

They were fatigued, struggled with hormones, lacked self awareness of their symptoms and knew they just did not feel quite right. They had been to their local Dr, offered anti-depressants or told that there was nothing that can be done- they must just be tiered or getting old!

This lead Jacqui to throw herself into researching and understanding every little detail about womens hormone health. Over the last 8 years Jacqui has specialised in womens health, particularly period related concerns, menopause, thyroid disorders, leaky gut and stress related symptoms such as poor sleep and anxiety. 

With 3 young children of her own she knows the struggles and demands that life throws at woman and wants to help support other women. She has a strong passion for educating women on their bodies, and how to take charge of their health naturally. When she isn’t in the Healthful Clinic you will find her making bliss balls, playing with her kids, out for a walk or trying to grab some quite time!

To find out more about Jacqui’s consultations. 

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Jacqui’s passion for women’s health flows out of clinic and into the community. She has appeared at various health events across Adelaide (Meraki Festival, Mind, Heart, Body Retreat, Project Work Life Workshops and her own events).  She has a passion for speaking about women’s health and  hormones, self care, working with your cycle in your business and nutritional medicine. If you are interested in collaborating with Jacqui or having her at an event you are organising please get in contact via email- jacqui@healthful.net.au. 

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