Keep up to date with what is happening at Healthful. We have on offer group cleanse programs, workshops and so much more. 

Healthful Cleanse- starting May 2nd and 4th
Master Your Health- Cold Combat – 22nd May – details below. 

Healthful Cleanse

Group Cleansing is back! Select which group suits you or come beween both depending on your schedule. 

Next one KICKS OFF Thursday 2nd May 9:30am and Saturday 4th May 9am. Now also availble from a distance via Zoom video conferencing. 

Since I know you’re incredibly passionate about your health, I want to share with you what we offer inside of the Healthful Cleanse because I know it’s part of the answers you’ve been waiting for!

The Healthful Cleanse will help move you forward in your health goals by providing you with:

  • Supplements to support you in your Healthful Hormone Detox
  • Instant access to recipes, food lists, detox ideas and more
  • A private Facebook community where you can start connecting with other women on the detox
    And if you’re wondering if the Healthful Cleanse is truly right for you, I want to leave you with this… If you want your health and hormones to be able to function at their optimum the gut and liver are where it all starts. Address this and we can gain so much with our health.
  • Supplements- 2 detox powders and a restoring gut microbiome product
  • Recipe book- get inspired with recipes for lunch and dinners!
  • Continual Support
  • Powders shaker
  • Cleanse booklet to guide you
  • Free VLA session before and after to analyse your cellular health, fat loss, muscle gain and hydration status. It is a wonderful tool to help motivate!
  • 3 in clinic mini group sessions

Total VALUE: over $395!

So how does it work:
We meet over 4 weeks at the Healthful Clinic and learn about all there is to know on effective detox.

Session 1: how to get the most out of your cleanse, best ways to take your supplements and common mistakes made.
Session 2: understanding how a healthy digestive system allows us to have healthy hormones, problem shooting any questions you have about your detox journey
Session 3: how to move forward and keep healthy cleansing long —term.

Feedback from previous clients that have completed the Healthful Cleanse.
“I have less bloating”
“My energy is definitely improved”
“I feel as though I have developed a healthier relationship with food”

Plus we saw weight loss, clearer skin and said goodbye to sugar cravings.

Saturdays at 9am-10am- 4th/ 18th May and 1st June.
Thursdays at 9:30am- 2nd/ 16th and 30th May

Your Investment: 
$295 or buy 2 for $500 saving of $100


  1. Is there a vegan option? Yes, we cater for vegans using vegan friendly supplements and meal suggestions. 
  2. Can I cleanse whilst pregnant or breastfeeding? No, it is not recommended you undergo a cleanse whilst pregnant or breastfeeding as stored toxins may travel to baby when released. 
  3. Are there any side effects? This cleanse is designed to be gentle and fit into everyday life. Some people may experience headaches or some mild fatigue if their toxin load is high.
Have a question? Email us at

You can pay via PayPal or contact Healthful at for invoice and BSB details. 

Buy one $295

Bring a friend and Save Buy two for $500

Master Your Health Series Cold Combat- with Naturopaths Jacqui Watts and Danielle Elliot


We are joining forces to bring you MASTER YOUR HEALTH SERIES, so that we can educate & empower more of you to master your health.

  • Do you or your family suffer with frequent colds in winter?
  • Do you often end up on antibiotics or steroids?
  • Do colds and infections come home from school & daycare and take your family down?
  • Do you have a cold or get unwell as soon as you go on holidays?

SO…………. Would you like to learn how you can support and boost your immune system?

  • Would you like to take less sick days for you or your kids?
  • Would you like to learn about how to shorten the severity & duration of infections?

WE………………..will go through how Gut Health, Hormones & Stress affect your immune system.

  • What simple changes and additions to your diet & lifestyle can have a huge impact on immunity.
  • We will provide you with recipes and home remedies for winter.
  • We will also teach you how we protect ourselves, our family and patients during the winter months.
  • We will talk physiology, nutrients, food, lifestyle, supplements and more.
  • So please join us for this fun and educational evening.

Enjoy a glass of sparkling or kombucha and learn how to MASTER YOUR HEALTH.


Included is a glass of sparkling or kombucha
A copy of the slides
Recipes and home remedies
Knowledge you can take away and implement immedietaly

When: Wednesday 22nd May, 6 pm – 7:30 pm
Where: Healthful Wellness Clinic – 67 Oaklands Rd, Somerton Park, SA

For more info and tickets head to stickytickets

Want to feel revitalised, energetic and balanced? Come and check out what we have on offer.