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Healthful Hormone Detox

Group Detox is here!

Since I know you’re incredibly passionate about your health, I want to share with you what we offer inside of the Healthful Hormone Detox because I know it’s part of the answers you’ve been waiting for!
The Healthful Hormone Detox will help move you forward in your health goals by providing you with:

  • Supplements to support you in your Healthful Hormone Detox
  • Instant access to recipes, food lists, detox ideas and more
  • A private Facebook community where you can start connecting with other women on the detox
    And if you’re wondering if the Healthful Hormones Detox is truly right for you, I want to leave you with this… If you want your health and hormones to be able to function at their optimum the gut and liver is where it all starts. Address this and we can gain so much with our health.

So how does it work:
We meet weekly for 3 consecutive weeks at the Healthful Clinic and learn about all there is to know on effective detox.

Session 1: how to get the most out of your detox, best ways to take your supplements and common mistakes made.
Session 2: understanding how a healthy digestive system allows us to have healthy hormones, problem shooting any questions you have about your detox journey
Session 3: how to move forward and keep healthy detox long —term.
Saturdays at 9am-10am- Starting the 2nd of February-
(can’t make Saturdays? Please register your interest in either a 10am Wednesday or Thursday morning group by sending a email to
Your Investement: $295


Want to feel revitalised, energetic and balanced? Come and check out what we have on offer.