Healthy Recipes

Homemade Coffee Scrub- by Lucie Schrapel

Looking to indulge your skin in goodness that not only smells great but enhances detox pathways and leaves you feeling smooth and silky? Click here

Homemade coffee scrub by our Nutrionist Lucie Schrapel

Gut Loving Pancakes

Dreaming of weekends that fuel you with good food that is still gentle on the gut?
Lucie our Nutritionist has designed these beauties that are full of goodness. Click Here

Gut Loving Pancakes by our Nutritionist Lucie Schrapel

Raspberry Bliss Balls

Looking for a quick and easy afternoon snack? These one blender wonders will keep you going until dinner time. 

Bliss Balls by Naturopath Jacqui Watts

Crispy Baked Falafel 

 Warm flavour-some crispy and yummy! Click here
Baked Falafel

Chocolate Mousse

 Creamy healthy chocolate dessert Click here
Chocolate Mousse

Want to feel revitalised, energetic and balanced? Come and check out what we have on offer.