Thursday Thoughts- where to start with your health

In a world so overwhelmed by diets, trends and “pop up” health experts the food and nutrition world can be one so difficult to navigate. I clearly remember in my early 20’s when I did not have a phone that I could “google” my every question on and in fact I actually had to trust more in my body and myself. When we look for google to answer our questions we can find validation for anything. We can validate eating gluten (not that that is always a bad thing ladies), alcohol only on the weekends, reasons that the amount of coffee we are drinking is safe and so much more.

So fast forward ten years later, still practicing as a Naturopath with a passion for education, but most of my clients have come in and have done a lot of reading first through Dr Google as we like to call it. Which in one sense I love because I am under the belief that knowledge is powerful and as soon as we understand we have greater chance of making changes to benefit our lifestyle. The issue here stands though that we are losing our instinctive nature with our health. We need to remember we are all genetically that little bit different. Some women genetically can handle more carbs than other, and some women make more of the harmful oestrogens than other women, some people can metabolise certain nutrients- other people not so well. So to think there is a one size fits all just isn’t possible.

But what I am coming to understand for myself and my clients is that it is finding that sweet spot of balance. That place where we know our dietary limits, we know our minimum amount of quality sleep we need and how much exercise and what exercise is just right for us. And at times that will vary depending on what stage of life you are in and what you have going on. A woman under high stress through her job role may not be benefiting from that 10k run after work, a low carb diet and a high meat intake (even if that is what she read on google), but a woman that is managing her stress levels, meditates, has good blood sugar balance and an exceptional digestive tract may tolerate that set up so much better.

Let us get back to working from within first. Let us get back to working out our triggers for our negative habits. Let us get clear on what YOUR body really needs to feel great. If you think you have your diet sussed but you still have brain fog, fatigue and a troubled gut then I would suggest rethinking your diet and lifestyle choices. Something there is just not working for you at this time in your life, even if it did work 10 years ago.

Remembering many underlying causes of your symptoms are coming from within. And more than that they are coming from how far we have flown from our ancestors who had time in the day for rest, play, connections, sunshine, bare feet, food with dirt on it and so much more. I always think it is no wonder I see so many of us women struggling with our health when our bodies are really living in this foreign world that is was basically not designed to function in. So, it may seem crazy, it may seem farfetched but let’s start with the basics. Let’s start by addressing the body in a whole holistic manor.

Let’s start moving more, getting more sunshine, getting our nervous systems to calm the hell down through deep breathing yoga, meditation, gratitude and connections, let’s give our self-boundaries that we know we need to set to survive in this face paced world. Whether that be a bed time routine, a no technology period, a limit on alcohol and coffee, a “no” policy to things that just don’t feel good for the soul. On that note, there is nothing wrong with not having a reason other than knowing deep in yourself that it just doesn’t feel right, our intuition is something to often ignored and boo hooed (haha is that even a word!) because it doesn’t make logical sense.

Then once you have made these sensible changes, see where your symptoms are at, go and get as much information through bloods and functional testing you can and start taking action to investigate your health, and start getting to fully understand you and your body. Becoming in tune with your body and your symptoms makes making these health changes so much easier.

Jacqui xx


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